Q. How much exercise does my dog need?

Puppies only need short walks to begin with and then building up as they get older. The amount required can vary greatly depending upon the dog’s individual energy level. Often people are worried they might have too much exercise with their pup but we always say the best thing to do is watch how your pup handles the environment. There is many factors to take into account.
Weather is of course a big one... too hot (say over 28) then keep it slow and around water and under shade.
Surfaces - I don't recommend walking pups on roads or sidewalks for very long at all... instead take them to the park where they can be on natural surfaces.
Distance varies greatly for breed and age, generally I find if people like to take a dog running I recommend they do laps of a footy oval... the pup/dog off lead can then dart back and forth and cut across the oval when he wants... he will also realise you are coming around again so lay down and have a rest while he watches you sweat.

Exercise needs to be physical and mental to be really effective. Even if you give your dog a walk for 30 minutes every day you might still need to have some mental games to help your dog settle down when you get back. However if you get home and the dog is still bouncing around then the dog hasn’t received enough exercise or the right exercise for that particular dog.