Evening Classes

Assessment - Initial Private Lesson - allow 1.5 to 2 hours - Cost $ 130.00
note: The Initial Assessment is held here at our school - This is to place you and your dog in a neutral location to see how your dog adapts to lifestyle changes.

All dogs MUST attend an Assessment before commencing group social class, there are a number of advantages in having this private lesson - 
1. you have the opportunity to discuss any issues you might be having without an audience.
2. you to get to build a relationship with us which will help you feel comfortable in the class environment.
3. we need to understand the level of control a dog may need in group situations to provide a safe environment for all.
3. Some dogs are not ready to cope with the energy of a class environment so we can trial this with experienced dogs.
If you or your dog don't feel ready to jump into the group environment then we can organise a few private lessons to prepare the dog for the social classes.
Follow up private lessons cost $50.00 for app 30 minutes in our location (additional in your home).


Adult Social Class - Build Foundation Skills - 1 hour duration - Cost $13.00 per class

Monday Evenings : 7.00pm  or    Tuesday Evenings : 7.30pm

These classes are aimed to build the foundation skills to create a dog who has good manners.
We provide families with the information to support your dogs in their home environment and at our school we build the social skills needed for your dog to fit in with the Community at large. We know that without having a solid skills base you can never really develop your dogs potential.

It might take a few weeks before some dogs are relaxed with other dogs around and then we can start to develop some fun into the training. Trick Training and some basic Agility will teach you and your dog how to communicate with each other.