Breeding Philosophy

As our website shows, the diversity of our work with dogs means we do not have the time nor the inclination to show our dogs. This does not mean our dogs are not show quality, just that our priority is that Aussies make fabulous families pets and we like them to go to homes where they can reach this potential. We are always proud and happy when families take our breeding in the conformation or competition ring to show them off but this is just one small part of what makes a great dog.

For us the true worth of a dog is in what we call the Three T's. These are: Type, Temperament and dna Testing.

All of our breeding dogs bring more to the table than a pretty face or points in the ring - These are dogs who have proved themselves to have the strength and character to deal with the society that we live in today. Even when we source outside dogs for our program we aim to meet these dogs to ensure that they also meet the Three T's.

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