Sire:  Ch Ellagant Life OTh Party   -   Dam: Ngalla Tiponi
Wh: March 2009 - Dec: October 2015 Call name 'Hagar'

Hip Scores:  2:2    Elbow Scores:  1:1  
Sissor Bite and Full Detention
DNA Testing:
HC Clear,   CEA/Ch Clear,  MDR1 Affected, Deg Myel. Clear
Hagar has a full tail
Litters to Date:
2013 - 'O' Litter with Alfoxton Killer Queen
2015 - 'R' Litter with Alfoxton Nigh OnA Rumour
( Photo taken at 5 years - in "paddock condition" )

Unfortunately, Hagar got hold of a fox bait and tragically died on October 2015. It is with great saddness that I lost my mate but he has stamped his quality in his offspring - of which we have two from each of his litters which we hope will continue this line.

The 'O' Litter; Alfoxton Outlaw Josey Wales 'Cooper' and Alfoxton Ode To Joy 'Kenzi'
The 'R' Litter; Alfoxton River Song 'River' and Alfoxton Rumour Has It 'Poppy'

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Sire:  Ch Stonehavens London Calling - Dam: Alfoxton Giget
Born February 2010 - Call Name 'Archie'

Hip Scores:  2:4    Elbow Scores:  0:0  
Sissor Bite, Missing P4

DNA Testing:
HC Clear,   CEA & Ch Clear,  MDR1 Affected,
Archie was born with a Natural Bob Tail 

Litters to Date:
2013 - 'M' Litter with Ngalla Tiponi
2015 - 'S' Litter with Alfoxton Killer Queen
Archie and Jenny have now commenced working in the obedience ring. So far he has achieved his Rally Novice Title and CCD. 
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