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It's A Dogs Life!

Our kennels are not a big tin shed nor a converted concrete factory but a purpose built building to cope with a variety of weather and an easy access to the outdoor paddocks. The solid brick and mudbrick walls as well as a low insulated ceiling, creates a comfortable internal temperature. Yet whenever we need we can open the laneway doors to allow fresh air to flow. We also avoid using chemicals around your pets, instead we rely on a blower, vaccum and pressure wash when needed.

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We don't want our dogs living most of their day on hard surfaces, thus here dogs have constant access to an external section of the pen which is constructed from sand. This allows somewhere natural for the dogs to toilet and ease of collection, with sun and rain thus provide an eco cleaning system. Beautiful big deciduous trees allow the sun to stream in thru winter but provide a soft relaxed shade during our hot summer months.

Who's a dirty dog?

There is also a grooming service available at a reasonable cost. Ring for a quote and you can always arrange for a full clip when your dog is boarding


Let us cater to your Cat!

At Alfoxton we don’t forget about our feline friends. Therefore we have built our cosy mudbrick Catty Shack. Heated thru winter and heavily insulated to protect against the hot summer days - even the most fussy cat is sure to find a place to curl up for a snooze. Most cats are not particularly social, especially with strangers, therefore we provide a fully indoor facility that allows security, comfort and their own private space. Perhaps your cat chooses to hide away, or alternatively, lounging on a chair in the sun where they can gaze out the large picture window across the paddocks.

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Those Delicate Doggies!

The Catty Shack also has a couple of rooms designed for those little dogs who are used to sleeping on mum’s bed all day. Those little dudes who might find the activity of the kennel environment a little much, might feel more comfortable staying in these motel units. We still encourage a good exercise program and take these guys out into a garden area whenever the weather is suitable.