Social Play Paddocks

Alfoxton is not like the average commercial Boarding Kenne, we aim to understand each and every dog and make them feel comfortable during their stay. Hence we don't offer different levels of services, after all, we think everyones dogs should be treated as GOLD customers.

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  • Pup
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  • Social

Big Dog Fun!
Here our doggy guests don’t sit around in a small pen for 95% of the day, instead they can be taken outside to one of the outdoor paddocks. Depending upon the weather, the more active social dogs have a chance to spend some hours of the day out with a few mates in one of the four Group Paddocks. They can relax on the grass, play some games and fall asleep under the trees (and there is no extra cost to you).

Little Dude Romps
We are happy to cater to Little Dudes, Puppies and the Oldies. However we recognise that these guys often need a different play environment to the bigger bouncy dogs. So these pups and smaller dudes can hang out together in one of the Playground areas. We can take pups to board once they are about 12 weeks of age. Pups just love to chase around and have wrestling games with new friends. This is helping them to continue to learn new social skills even when their family is away.

Senior Members
Any of our Senior Citizens who find the paddock pace too much, have the chance to kick back and relax under the trees in the Veterans Garden. Here they have the opportunity to wander over and watch the younger dogs playing without getting overtired.

As a small kennel we find we find that even very nervous dogs settle in and begin to treat the place like a second home.