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  • Laura

    "We have been using the services at Alfoxton for 8 years now. We have two beagles, 9 and 5. The boarding facilities were initially recommended to us by one of our neighbours and we couldn’t be happier. The dogs are able to be out in paddocks during the day to run with new friends as much as they like. Our two dogs always come home exhausted! The pens are lovely and cool in summer, warm in winter and are always very clean. A few years ago we turned to Anne for help with our beagle girl. We were on the verge of rehoming her for various reasons and decided to give her one last chance.

    Since then we have not looked back. Anne has helped us take her from being a dog I didn’t like much to being the dog I now love. We still go to class every week, mainly because Bella loves it, but so do I. I’m not sure who has had more training, her or me! The training facilities allow me to work with her off lead, something that would be impossible with a beagle at most training classes. We love that we can work at our own pace and are not forced to keep up with what other dogs may be doing at the same time. The atmosphere is always relaxed and fun, just ask the dogs, they will tell you!! "Laura

  • Living with a puppy

  • Tilly the Reactive Dog

    Once upon a time there was a kelpieX named Tilly.

    She lived in the city of Melbourne and had good parents who tried to do the right thing by her to give her a great life. She spend lots of time with her family and was allowed indoors and also had a good backyard to play in. To give her some extra fun her family also took her for good long walks and down to the dog park to play with other dogs. Life was good for Tilly.....

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    Alfoxton Instructors

    Here at Alfoxton you will get to work with the same instructors from week to week. Anne and Kylie work together in the class to ensure that you always have someone to talk about problems or to help with any exercises you wish to develop. We aim to get to know you and your dog and we always try to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in class.

    We are also lucky to have a band of long term clients (now friends) who bring their own specialist skills to share with the class. These are people who we value greatly as they also bring in fresh ideas and knowledge to help us develop our program.

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    Continual Education

    There is always new results coming out from studies and research, there are often changes to animal laws. Understanding these may be confusing but it is part of our job to keep up to date. Hence why Anne has been a Professional Member of two different associations since the year 2000. Anne has also achieved certification as a Professional Trainer with the IACP (International Associations of Canine Professions)

    2010, Texas Conference - It was important to also know what is going on overseas so 2010 was a big step for Anne travelling to Texas to see how the Americans work with their dogs. So much to learn and so little time..... however of particular note was Temple Grandin who has inspired us to continue building the connection between our human clients and their dogs.

    2011, San Diego Conference - For a follow up from the Texas Conference, Anne and Kylie went to San Diego in April 2011 for the next conference and the chance to visit different facilities as well as learn from some of the founders of Assistance/Service Dogs.

    2012, Europe Travel - After seeing some of the work in the States it was time to branch out and visit Europe and see what advances were being made there. Anne visited with a few Aussie Shepherd breeders in Germany and was able to meet with a few trainers in Poland and Hungary. Of particular note was the Hungarian Mirror Method System being held in Budapest. This was a training methodology that fits in very closely with what we are doing at Alfoxton. We are also keeping an active eye on the research being conducted by the Family Dog Project which is based at the Budapest University.

  • Training Family Dogs

  • Understanding the pack

    The dog is a pack animal this means that dogs are hardwired to live within a group. Therefore for the dog to develop a balanced temperament they need to feel part of your pack.

    It is then logical that if we can understand how the pack system works then we have an insight into the working of the dogs mind.

  • Wendy

    Wendy dog training testimonial"Thanks to you I've incorporated all we learnt at Alfoxton to compliment my training here...couldn't have done it without you!"Wendy, Cairns