• Client Testimonials

  • Laura

    "We have been using the services at Alfoxton for 8 years now. We have two beagles, 9 and 5. The boarding facilities were initially recommended to us by one of our neighbours and we couldn’t be happier. The dogs are able to be out in paddocks during the day to run with new friends as much as they like. Our two dogs always come home exhausted! The pens are lovely and cool in summer, warm in winter and are always very clean. A few years ago we turned to Anne for help with our beagle girl. We were on the verge of rehoming her for various reasons and decided to give her one last chance.

    Since then we have not looked back. Anne has helped us take her from being a dog I didn’t like much to being the dog I now love. We still go to class every week, mainly because Bella loves it, but so do I. I’m not sure who has had more training, her or me! The training facilities allow me to work with her off lead, something that would be impossible with a beagle at most training classes. We love that we can work at our own pace and are not forced to keep up with what other dogs may be doing at the same time. The atmosphere is always relaxed and fun, just ask the dogs, they will tell you!! "Laura

  • Wendy

    Wendy dog training testimonial"Thanks to you I've incorporated all we learnt at Alfoxton to compliment my training here...couldn't have done it without you!"Wendy, Cairns