A dog in the family

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A Dog in the Family
The family dog is expected to live and adapt to our human world with little assistance. Often the modern dog may live in isolation from other dogs, thus they have reduced social experience and lack confidence. Add this to the conflicting body language human’s use and its no wonder our dogs can be confused and frustrated at times.

Changes in Your Life - Just consider the many changes that occur in your life over the 10-15 year life expectancy of the family dog. Perhaps as simple as having extended family over for a celebration but sometimes they could be as complicated as dealing with a messy divorce. Consider for example the upheaval a new human baby will cause to your routines. For many, moving to a new house or town can place enormous pressure on all the family, but perhaps the biggest change could be a serious illness or even death of someone close. All of these issues will affect our human lives in various ways but they will also have an impact on your Family Pet. Although there may be support for the two-legged members we don’t usually consider the four-legged members, the dog is just expected to cope. Consider the many roles that dogs can play in your family life. Often these can be an expectation on the part of the human, but sometimes there are positions that dogs just give of their own accord.

COMPANION – Spends all day in the backyard without getting bored and when you get home your dog has enthusiasm to burn. When life is good the dog might even get to spend time at our feet or even up on the couch for a cuddle.

SOCIAL DIRECTOR – When you have a dog there is always something to do. You can head off to the beach or down to the park and you never need to be alone. One of the great things about a dog is how easy it is to start up conversation with new people you meet and for teenage boys a good dog is such a 'chick magnet', how easy is it to chat up that girl down the park when you have a fun dog.

TEEN BUFFER - No matter how stormy things get between parents and Teenagers the dog is non-judgemental and ready to sit down and empathise with either party when they need to vent. But best of all, your dog always keeps these thoughts confidential. GUARDIANS - We expect our dog to warn when strangers approach however not to be aggressive no matter how these strangers react. Oh and also remember the dog must understand not to make too much noise or they will upset the neighbours. PLAYMATE – We assume our dog will amuse not only our own kids but also friend’s kids. It doesn’t matter if the kids have bad manners the dog mustn’t get too strong and should never beat up on the kids.

PERSONAL TRAINER – Your dog can motivate you to keep active, but also to understand that today you can’t get out and about because its: too wet / too cold / too late / too early / or just that it’s Thursday and you can’t be bothered!

SPORTS STAR - Perhaps the human is hoping to shine in the show ring or in one of the dog sports. However the dog might have to work to the human schedule no matter what mood the dog might be in at the time.

COUNSELLOR - When life turns to s#@^ everyone needs a Best Friend. Your dog is there for a cuddle however we also expect the dog to know when we are in a bad mood and give us space. Sometimes we ask so much of our dog and forget that they have the Hardest Job of All – just being the Family Pet.

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