Training Puppy not to Bite

Games Dogs Play

In the canine world there are games that dogs get to play with other dogs. These all involve dogs using their teeth and their feet and they are part of normal healthy play which helps wrestling, biting, chasing, grabbing and tugging are normal healthy play. These are games for dogs to play with other dogs.

It is not advisable for Humans to play these games with dogs especially when you have very young children.

Differences Between Two Legs and Four Legs

Pups will often start play biting once they have settled into their new home. They may also chase after your legs and grab your socks or trousers to play tug-of-war. Thee pup is just imitating the play that they would normally have with another dog, however your pup needs to understand right from the beginning that he is a dog (Four Legs) and that the adults and children (even babies) are human (Two Legs). The adults in the family must take charge and block this behaviour right from the start. Often the humans are so excited to have a new pup and allow the pup to continue with this behaviour and hope the pup will grow out of this stage, however many puppies just learn to get the upper hand by snapping and snatching. This can be very daunting for families as they are reluctant to use any form of discipline on the new baby of the house.

Deal With The Behaviour

When pup grabs an adult human (either skin or clothing) then stop moving and give the pup a chance to release. This is a way of showing pup you don’t want to play his games. If pup doesn’t stop and starts to tug-of-war with your clothes, place one hand on their chest and another across their back and hold pup firm and growl crossly so pup releases.

If he is biting and snapping at your hands then tuck your fingers into you palm and make a gentle fist. Now you have made it more difficult for him to bite, as he must open his mouth bigger. You can then gently ease your fist back into the puppy’s mouth. This will make the pup uncomfortable and they will ease off and try to move their mouth away from your hand. After, they will then respond with an attempt to lick your hand - the dog version of offering an apology.
If the pup is biting children, then the parents need to supervise their time together. The adult can direct the children how to behave and then the adult can step in and use the same technique to block puppy’s behaviour.