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Private Assessment - Cost $140.00 (allow 2 hours)

All dogs MUST attend an Assessment before commencing class. This is a private lesson where you and your dog have a chance to discuss any problems you might be having. It is also a good opportunity for you to get to build a relationship with your Instuctor which will help you feel comfortable in the class environment.

Sometimes adults dogs are not ready to cope with the class environment and during the Assessment we can trial this with one of our experienced dogs. If necessary then we can organise a few private lessons to prepare the dog for the social classes.

Private Lessons - Cost $70.00 (allow 45 minutes)

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  • Agility
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Monday Nights 7.00pm and Tuesday Nights 7.30pm

Social Class - Build Foundation Skills - Cost $14.00 per class

These classes are aimed to build the foundation skills to create a dog who has good manners. We provide families with the information to support your dogs in their home environment and at our school we build the social skills. We know that without having a solid skills base you can never really develop your dogs potential.

It might take a few weeks before some dogs are relaxed with other dogs around and then we can start to develop some fun into the training. Trick Training and some basic Agility will teach you and your dog how to communicate with each other.

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Private Assessments $140.00 - available by appointment at mutually convenient time.
Assessments are held prior to dogs entering classes. This allows us to get to know each other on an individual basis thus will assist us helping you solve any issues you may have. Assessments take nearly two hours and we cover all aspects of our training philosophy as well as giving your dog a chance to learn how to interact with our dogs. This will prepare you and your dog for the activity of our off leash classes.

Behaviour Issues
- jumping on people
- not coming when called
- barking
- dog aggression



Monday Nights 6.00pm & Tuesday Nights 6.30pm
Puppies can start from 8 weeks of age

puppy pre school wallan

Initial Assessment
Cost $140.00 (allow time of 1.5 to 2 hours)

Firstly, all dogs and owners start out by having a private Assessment. This provides the chance to sit and discuss any puppy problems you might be experiencing, or perhaps you just want to learn how to avoid these troubles.

During the assessment we also help your pup build social confidence by meeting some of our own dogs. Here they have the chance to explore new play skills with our experienced and stable dogs before they enter the class environment.

Assessments can be held at a mutual convenient time, either evenings or during the day - we allow about 1.5 hours for an assessment with one dog and anyone in the family is welcome to come.

Puppy Classes - Cost $14 per class, pay as you go.

Our classes are ongoing, you can join in at any time and train at your convenience and when you and the pup are ready we can move you up to work in the adult class.

Puppy classes may also be open to some older dogs who don't have the maturity to cope with the adult class. This means there can be older small dogs as well or perhaps there is an adult who is very shy and will benefit from the chance to play with the kids.

Your puppy then has the chance to broaden his skills by mixing with many dogs of different personalities, plus they get to meet with many humans and often with kids.

We aim to build the self-confidence of all the dogs by using games and tricks as well as some introduction to agility.

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Dog Park Etiquette Workshops  - Cost $35.00 per dog - Held the third sunday of each month....

Noon till 3.00 pm and a Light lunch provided
These workshops are based around dogs learning the skills to interact with different dogs. Teaching humans strategies to deal with real life situations so they can feel safe and enjoy being out in public. 

Dock Dog Workshops - Cost $25.00 per dog - To Be Advised....

At Alfoxton we are setting up a training base for Dock Dogs in Victoria. Dock Dog Competitions have been running in America for some years but is a relatively new dog sport in Australia. A great way for dogs to burn off their excess energy by leaping into the water to retrieve their toy and is a fun activity for both the pet and their families. We will be running workshops to help you teach your dog how to jump off the dock and gain distance. We shall also have Officials from Dock Dogs Australia come here for some grading days so you can guage how you are going compared to other dogs around Australia.  Check the following Facebook Page for more information - DockDogs Australia



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